Reduction-oxidation reaction
One of the biggest dangers arising from the consumption of water of unknown origin are the free radicals it contains - atoms or molecules which possess unpaired electrons. They are produced while breathing and absorbed during the consumption of fried, grilled or smoked food.

Free radicals seek to join the DNA molecules and proteins, damaging the cells by altering their composition. This process accelerates aging and contributes to the development of many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

The ability of water molecules to adopt foreign electrons (and to neutralize free radicals) is called redox potential or ORP (oxidation/reduction potential). It is measured in millivolts (mV) - the higher the redox potential, the greater the ability of reduction (higher values are undesirable). This results in a larger risk of degeneration of the body, because each redox reaction is accompanied by oxidation harmful to the cells. The negative redox potential of water means that the water can emit electron and work against the process of degeneration and aging.

While ORP for most drinks we consume ranges from +36 (red wine) to +350 (some brands of soda), redox cartridge-treated water reaches values of –200 mV (that’s negative 200 mV!). In short: we have not discovered the mythical Fountain of Youth, but we may have developed the next best thing.
REDOX Cartridge advantages

Unique combination 3-in-1 improves your health

With REDOX In-Line Cartridge your filtration system will provide you purified water with SPECIAL benefits for your health and body!


Low REDOX potential

Low REDOX potential (below -100 mV). Eliminates dangerous and cancerogenic free radicals.

Alkaline water

Redox Cartridge helps to obtain alkaline water which is absorbed more effectively by human body. Optimal pH 8,0 - 9,5.


H2 hydrogen

High concentration of dissolved hydrogen (above 100 μg/l). Hydrogen exerts antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell thus making hydrogen a perfect medical candidate for the convention of novel therapeutic strategies against cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, cancer, metabolic and respiratory diseases and disorders. Hydrogen is unique and best known antioxidant so far.

Innovative technology

Our experts have created a cartridge with the best parameters of filtered water from all available on the market.

Top quality

The highest standards of quality that we use in the production process, have been confirmed by many independent institutions. We use only european certified materials.


Environment friendly

We leave a low carbon footprint. This means that the whole process of production is characterized by minimal emission of greenhouse gases. BPA Free materials confirmed by Swiss laboratory.



Redox In-Line Cartridge is final cartridge in reverse osmosis water filtration systems by Bluefilters Group.


Water filtration systems can be installed: in cupboard under the sink · on the wall · on the floor. In every space where you need healthy, clean water.

Compact dimensions

Width: 245 mm · Diameter: 50 mm · Weight: 230 g · Packing: 25 pcs/box


Maximum pressure: 8,5 bar (125 psi) · Maximum temperature: 38 ℃ · Service life: 2.000 G or every 6 months · Maximum water flow: 1 GPM


The highest quality of our products is confirmed by certificates issued by organizations respected in the world.
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